Our Business


 AATCO Transmissions in Albany Georgia, is your trustworthy partner for all kinds of auto and light truck transmission repairs. 


   AATCO Transmissions has been in business in the same location since 1963. Larry Wilson and Don Dellinger took over ownership of AATCO in 2007 from Hazen Sadler.



   Don has been in or around the transmission business for almost 46 years. His parents (Tommy and Carole Dellinger) brought the transmission business alive in Albany in 1967. Don has recently started attending The Church at The Groves in Albany. He is pleased with the new change in his worship life. His hobbies are limited but include spending time with his grandkids and hunting and fishing.  


  Larry has been building transmissions for over 35 years. Larry and his wife Sandra are members of Berachah Fellowship Church. Larry is the chairman of the board of deacons. Larry and his sons participate in drag racing and drive under the "Wilson Racing" name. Larry is well known on and off the track as being the person to see about building a solid performance transmission. Stop by and ask him about racing, he would love to share his wisdom. He has been in and around Albany for most of his life. 



  So, you could say, Don and Larry, grew up in the transmission business. They are also proud to call Albany their home.


  We added Don Coffey back to our family last year. Coffey is a contract laborer we use to solidify our workforce. He not only helps in the shop; he also builds and does electrical diagnosis. Coffey has over 25 years of transmission experience. 


 Our recent new hire Dyllan Weaver has added a lot to AATCO's shop. Dyllan is energetic and a very motivated associate. Definitely a positive addition to the AATCO team. We are really excited to see him blossom and show off his talents. 


    Don, Larry, Coffey and Dyllan are very proud of the work they do and they try to take care of their customers’ needs no matter what they are. They want to know when you are satisfied, and they want to know if they have fallen short in meeting your needs. Give them a try, ask around, you will see they are head and shoulders above their competition.



   Superior customer service, honest advice and fair prices, as well as performing high quality work are of the greatest importance to them. They do their best to ensure your comfort and safety on the road.



The Team

Don Dellinger, Co Owner and our manager, and trainer

Phone: 229 439-7083

Email: aatco@mediacombb.net

Larry Wilson, Co Owner and our Builder. Larry has been in the transmission business for over 30 years in the Albany area.